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Trent Rommann Golf – Titleist Golf Ball Review – Tour Balata/Professional 100 vs ProV1/X

Tour Balata 100 Year Released: 1993 Most played ball on the PGA Tour in 1993 Makeup: Liquid filled center Wound ball Urethane cover   Professional 100 ProV1 & ProV1x Year Released: 2000 #1 ball on tour, in the world after Billy Andrade won the first pga tour event w one in year 2000 Interesting Info: [...]

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review

Titleist AVX Golf Ball Technology: CORE – An innovative, high speed, low compression core results in a powerful engine to drive remarkable distance with exceptionally soft feel. COVER – A proprietary GRN41 urethane cover delivers premium scoring control with exceptionally soft feel and long-lasting durability. CASING LAYER – The high flex casing layer enhances speed and controls spin to promote [...]

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