There are many health reasons for a person to exercise and eat healthy.  As a golf professional, a professional golfer and golf instructor for over 10 years I have noticed that many of the adults that I teach have physical...
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First Name Last Name Starting Handicap Index Ending Handicap Index Season Long Improvement Drake Sawyer 35.3 18.2 17.1 Elliott White 16.5 5.3 11.2 Spencer McCormack 14 5 9 Chris Volkman 15.7 7.6 8.1 Madison Slayton 16.3 8.4 7.9 VJ Frehner...
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30 Minutes to becoming a better golfer…guaranteed! When was the last time you were truly confident in how far your ball was going to travel?  You did your homework, walked off the yardage, but when you reach into your bag...
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Every golfer is unique in their physical capabilities, height, arm length and swing characteristics. That is why it is important to make sure your equipment is properly fitted for your golf game! If you are looking to take your golf game...
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    Since I was a young girl I have been playing the game of golf. My game and skills have progressed thanks to the help from my coach, Trent Rommann. Trent has dedicated a lot of time into improving my skills as well as others. From the summer golf Ping team, to workouts and even individual lessons he helps all that come to him.
    As a golfer, I have won two state championships as a member of the Kapaun Mt. Carmel girls golf team. I recently signed to play college golf at Rockhurst University. Because of Trent’s instruction, I have become a more successful golfer.

    “When we joined Crestview last summer Trent Rommann welcomed me right in and invited me to join the Ping Jr Interclub Team. Trent has pushed me to be the best player I can be whether it’s on the course or at the gym. Trent always has the best interest for the other kids and I. Trent makes practicing fun with games and prizes. This past November I signed to play golf at Fort Hays State University and can thank Trent for getting me to the level I need to be at to play there.”