Student Name: Drake Sawyer

Program Start Date: 03/01/16

Student Handicap

Start : 18.2

Current: 16.5

Student’s Game plan: 

At the moment I am shooting mid to low 40’s. I am swinging the club well, but I still need to perfect my swing a little more. I try to practice 6 days a week. Playing at least a few holes a day and 45 minutes of all around practice. I am getting 1 lesson a week to work on my swing. Then I practice the new adjustments for 30 minutes minimum after the lesson. My goals for this next month are to improve my swing a little more and improve my putting. My goal for this summer is to play in a few tournaments and get my handicap down to single digits.

I feel pretty good about my overall swing, but I think I can definitely improve. I am best at my chipping when close to greens and worst at putting. This summer I plan on getting a practice schedule down to know exactly what I am doing. Lastly, I just want to do the best I can at a sport I love.


Coach’s Corner

Drake has been part of the junior golf program here at Crestview Country Club for several years.  He is one of my hardest working juniors and really has a passion for the game.

We started this 2016 golf season by giving Drake the opportunity to set some goals for himself like: tournament schedule, scores, handicap, strengths, weakness and equipment .  We started the season by fitting Drake for a set of clubs that were custom fit to him.  Drake grew about 6″ over the winter and it was very important that we fit him for a set of clubs that would allow him to play his best golf!

Goals: Drake then wrote down all of his goals on a piece of paper and we talked about how to achieve these goals.  Some of the things we have worked on so far in his program are:

Statistics: Drake is required to turn in all of his scorecards to me so that we are able to track his strength and weaknesses in categories like: scores, fairways, greens, putts, and shortgame.

Swing Technique: We addressed Drake’s swing “Flaws”, where his bad shots were going and what we needed to do to improve it through practice and swing drills.

Course Management: making good decisions on the golf course is something that comes very slow to most golfers.  As we progress through the program, Drake and I will work more on how to manage his game around the course, minimize the “bad holes” and how to get the most out of his game each round.

Mental Game: Drake is a great athlete and a very positive young man.  This will prove very helpful in his enjoyment and success as a golfer.  This summer, we will work on shot visualization and the concentration that he will need when he is playing his summer golf tournaments.

Recent Comments
    Ride Sidebar

    Since I was a young girl I have been playing the game of golf. My game and skills have progressed thanks to the help from my coach, Trent Rommann. Trent has dedicated a lot of time into improving my skills as well as others. From the summer golf Ping team, to workouts and even individual lessons he helps all that come to him.
    As a golfer, I have won two state championships as a member of the Kapaun Mt. Carmel girls golf team. I recently signed to play college golf at Rockhurst University. Because of Trent’s instruction, I have become a more successful golfer.

    “When we joined Crestview last summer Trent Rommann welcomed me right in and invited me to join the Ping Jr Interclub Team. Trent has pushed me to be the best player I can be whether it’s on the course or at the gym. Trent always has the best interest for the other kids and I. Trent makes practicing fun with games and prizes. This past November I signed to play golf at Fort Hays State University and can thank Trent for getting me to the level I need to be at to play there.”